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Botox for Men

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If you think you are the only one, you are wrong!
If you think wrinkles will make you look distinguished, you are wrong!
If you think you can wait, you are wrong again!
If you want an unfair advantage, to look younger, sexier, and more manly.
Then don't wait till your wrinkles set in.

Get Botox!!!

Botox for Men

Quit Looking Like a Shar Pei

Smooth out that forehead and keep those lines from ever forming. If you already have them its not tool late to reduce them.

Don't worry you won't look fake.

When injected by someone that knows men's faces you will still have all of your normal movement just not the wrinkles.

Botox $12 per unit

Dysport $5.00 per unit

I can't believe how many wrinkles I had on my forehead. I was lucky to get them before they became permanent.

Bradley Alt - Firefighter

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