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Medical Weight Loss

At La Jolla Med Spa we are taking a different approach to Medical Weight Loss. First, we evaluate you to find out how your body works by studying your body chemistry. We will test your body composition and provide a detailed report. From there we will put together a plan that will be a combination of meal timing, movement, nutrition, supplementation, and finally the newest most effective medications available (Saxenda, Semaglutide & Wegovy). This progressive approach is not only easy but effective and it all starts with a simple FREE phone consultation.


Meal Timing

Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating on a regular schedule. Research shows that intermittent fasting is a way to manage your weight and prevent — or even reverse — some forms of disease.



Moving your body in a different way that it is not use to will build muscle and burn more fat. Simple exercises that get you to breath deep and move will help eliminate toxins which will also reduce fat.



By getting detailed lab work done we can get a detailed look at what is going on in your body.  Whatever your body is missing it can be introduced through proper diet, medical grade nutritional supplements, vitamin injections, & IV infusions. Finally we will test and get a detailed look at your body composition and track your progress along the way.



While many people have different views on medication for weight loss the good news is that with a combination of all the other factors this is the icing on the cake. The medications we use are amazingly effective in supressing your appitite and keeping you fuller longer. You just will not have the craving to eat as much or as often.

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